Typical SPINDORPHIN fitness parties feature the SGX40X workout. SGX40X is a high intensity full-body "back to the basics" functional fitness workout designed to appeal to a wide audience and increase aerobic and strength capacity in a non-competitive environment. In conjunction with the Wheel of Fitness, SGX40X is a randomized interval workout comprised of calisthenic exercises that are not difficult to learn how to do, increase functional strength, involve multiple muscle groups, involve isometric and plyometric movements and are capable of providing a full-body workout in a short amount of time. Additionally, popular music hits will be played throughout the fitness party.

Every aspect of SPINDORPHIN was designed to maximize its appeal. SPINDORPHIN is unlike any other exercise concept in that it provides a fun, exciting and entertaining workout while uniting participants in the pursuit of a reward.

SPINDORPHIN fitness parties using the SGX40X workout are typically 45 minutes in duration. The workout is comprised of fifteen wheel spins, fifteen 45 second exercise intervals and a maximum BONUS point score of 3750. If there are more than 15 participants, wheel spinners will be chosen by random selection.

After a short warm-up and introduction, participants will take turns spinning the Wheel of Fitness. If the wheel stops on an exercise, the entire group will perform the exercise for a specified time interval. If the wheel stops on a BONUS category, the point value of the BONUS category is recorded and the spinner has choice of an exercise for the entire group, including the spinner to perform. If the total BONUS points achieved during the party meets or exceeds 250, the entire group earns a reward!

Participants are encouraged to give maximum effort during each exercise interval. If a participant cannot perform the exercise the wheel stops on due to limitation, he/she may elect to perform a different exercise on the wheel.

Fitness Party International is absolutely confident that not only will SPINDORPHIN provide an unforgettable, entertaining, exciting and enriching exercise experience but will allow participants to burn hundreds of calories too!

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